A possible Oppressor symbol?
Planet: Unknown
Government: Oppressors
Form of Government: Dictatorship
Founded: 412 BCE (myth)
Formation: Conquest
Location: Oralian sector
Flagship: Mass Driver
Affiliation: First Ones

The Oppressors were an ancient race that once ruled over most of the Oralian sector long ago beyond many of the historical records from the species in the region. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

The exact location of the Oppressors’ homeworld was unknown, all who have searched for it have never succeeded.

The Oppressors got there nomenclature from what they did to the many worlds they conquered: They enslaved the people of those worlds. The So'ja were one of the races that were enslaved long ago by the Oppressors and were the first ones to rebel. The Oppressors had been performing genetic experiments on the So'ja to make them less violent, the result of these experiments were the Rigusians.

Many of the other races, including the Tulop, Tealuians, Velosians, and Dinokians, were also enslaved by the Oppressors. There were only a few planets the were able to stave off an invasion by the Oppressors, including Za’da Gol, Andres Rae, and Paos. The Oppressors used a weapon called a mass driver to bombard planets before invasion. Evidence of this was found on a relief in the ruins of Andres Rae by Dr. Lilly Adar. ("The Ruins")

They were not the first to enslave the Oralian sector. According to Tulop historical records, the Oppressors took over after a far greater foe retreated back beyond the Great Barrier Rift, not the Kai Imperium, but someone else, far older and more powerful than the Kai. Not much else was known about the Oppressors, not even their appearance. The Oppressors always wore masks when dealing with outsiders. ("Monks of Or'pec", "Question of Loyalty")

In 2383, the crew of the USS Pioneer discovered an Oppressor Gateway on the once mythical planet of Yoth. ("The Forgotten Planet")

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