The Optimal Republic of Great Britain was a nation-state that replaced the United Kingdom of Great Britain between 2047 and 2079, following the overthrow of the Monarchy by the Optimum Movement. (Star Trek novel: Federation, Star Trek: The Adventures of Argus: "Nuclear Time")

History[edit | edit source]

Rise of the Optimum Movement[edit | edit source]

Created in the 2020s by Colonel Phillip Green, the Optimal Movement steadily rose to power across Earth's western nation states in the 2030s and 2040s, including the United Kingdom where following their general election victory in 2047 they used drug-controlled soldiers to overthrew the Monarchy and take complete control of the government, renaming the country the Optimal Republic of Great Britain. Most of the Royal family fled to the United States, but Queen Mary was captured and imprisoned in Highgate Prison in London.

The Aftermath of World War III[edit | edit source]

The Optimal Republic was one of several Optimum countries that launched the massive Nuclear Strike on May 1st 2053 that led to the end of World War III. The retaliatory strikes from the ECON left most of London in ruins and killed most of the Optimum leadership, the sole survivor being Colonel Adrik Thorsen. Thorsen wasted no time establishing control over the country using a battalion of drug-controlled soldiers that had survived the nuclear attack in a bunker at an air force base located in the East Anglia region of the country to declare martial law and begin a campaign of genetic cleansing.

Restoration of the Monarchy[edit | edit source]

Thorsen ruled the Optimal Republic until his sudden disappeared in 2078 following an encounter with Zefram Cochrane and the British Resistance movement at Battersea Stadium. With the Optimum in disarray, the British Resistance made their move, overthrowing the Optimal Republic and restoring the Monarchy within a year.

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