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Orion slave girls

Three Orion women posing as slave girls

The Orions are a humanoid race known for their distinctive green skin.


Orion males are typically tall, muscular, and hairless, (ENT: "Borderland") while females typically have long black hair (TOS: "The Menagerie, Part II"), some Orion females, however, have red hair (Star Trek).

Orion women are known for their extreme sexual appetites which, by Human standards, would be considered an addiction to sex. An Orion woman with a relatively low sexual appetite is considered mentally ill in Orion Society. (USS Baldwin: "Family Affair") To help satisfy their desires, they have very potent pheromones that increase the metabolism and adrenaline levels of many humanoid species, making others prone to suggestion. (ENT: "Bound")


Orion society is generally ruled covertly by the females, with the males serving as their society's "public face." Orion influence was spread by selling female agents in slave markets. Once in place, the "slave" will use her pheromones to coerce her "owner" to do her bidding as well as satisfy her sex drive.

By the 24th century, the abilities of Orion females was well-known. However, the sexual allure of Orion females allowed the Orion Syndicate to continue to thrive. Some females, including a high ranking member named Malina, made no pretense about her ability to influence others. (USS Baldwin: "Ronax")

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