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The Osaka-class fleet refueling vessel was a class of United Federation of Planets starship on active duty during at least the 23rd century. (Starship Recognition Files 2)

Apparently based on the Surya-class spaceframe, ships of this class were in service beginning in 2240. They were developed as a companion class to large convoys, providing supplies and many of the repair options found on starbases. Beneath the extended primary hull were two cargo attachment points: in standard configuration, one would carry fuel that could be transferred via specialized fuel shuttles to all of the ships in the convoy; while the other would carry stores for the convoy.

For ships with a vintage dating back to the mid-23rd century, the registry numbers for the class are relatively high compared with those of their contemporaries.

Warp propulsion systems must have been upgraded from PB-31 (or similar) nacelles to the integrated LN-64 type nacelles (shown in the Starship Recognition Files) at some point in the mid- to late-2270s.

Arguably, ships of this class could be designated tenders.

Auxiliary craft embarked (standard)Edit

  • 22 work bees
  • 4 refueling shuttles
  • 6 cargo shuttles
  • 2 Galileo-class personnel shuttles
  • 2 warp sled shuttles
  • 1 yard tug
  • 1 heavy grappling shuttle
  • 1 mobile decontamination shuttle
  • 1 drydock scaffolding shuttle
  • 1 warp core tractor sled
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