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Pacific 201: A Fan Film Production is a 2017 fan film, line produced by Margaret Herbener. The associate producers were Ed Mower, Norman C. Lao, and David Agrinsonis. Its director is E.C. Henry, who co-wrote the script with Margaret Baker. Visual effects were by Ryan Fletcher, Eric Henry, Angelos Karderinis, and Alain Rivard. Music was by Alessio Fidelbo and Luke Leone.

Launch of the USS Pacific

A summary for the film is: "The year is 2200. Four decades have passed since a devastating war, and mankind is eager to resume peaceful exploration of the stars. Hopes and dreams ride with the launch of Earth's newest starship: Pacific. But the final frontier is full of untold dangers, and it will take a crew of incredible bravery and fortitude to boldly go into the unknown."

The cast of the film includes (in alphabetical order): Jeremy Burkett (Starfleet Intelligence Commander Huey Bruno), Margaret Herbener (First Officer Alisa Vandre), Lydia Leanne (Lieutenant Whitney), Luke Leone (Crewman Geoffrey Lawrence), Kacey Troyer (Captain Isaac Demir), and Lindsey Williams (Science Officer Lucy Rader).

The first part of this half-hour film was released on 13 November 2020. The second part was released on 31 December 2020.

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