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The Pah-wraiths were noncorporeal energy beings who shared an antithetical relationship with the so-called Prophets of Bajoran religion, equivalent to "demons" in Earth mythology. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)


By the 28th century the Pah-wraiths had escaped their confines of the Bajoran Fire Caves and had been fighting a semi-non-corporeal war with the Prophets for some time. This fighting had caused some beings from each side to fall into the mortal realm and take organic form. The Alliance had taken one or more of these fallen wraiths as their leaders during the Federation-Alliance War. Although one Wraith was known to have taken the position, the Pah-wraiths never cared much for Alliance politics. (Star Trek: 001: "Restoration")

Alternate universe[]

In one alternate universe, the Pah-wraiths were the dominant force of Bajor by the 24th century, forcing worshipers of the Prophets underground. Calling themselves the "True Prophets," they drove the Bajoran people into a period of aggressive expansionism. The Pah-Wraith-influenced Bajorans took particular umbrage at the Cardassians, who in their universe were devout believers in the Oralian Way, and instigated a brutal jihad against Cardassia Prime and its territories, from which the Cardassians had still not freed themselves as of 2370. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Catacombs of Oralius stories)


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