"Parallels" (or Star Trek: Parallels) was the sixth spin-off of Star Trek: Phoenix-X and fifth spin-off of the third season. It originally stood on its own until it was integrated into Star Trek: Phoenix-X in August 2014. The story focuses on the crew of the USS Vitality. It was written in 2003, and is not yet completed.

Posting guide[edit | edit source]

Spin-off 6 Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Link
Spin-off 6A 2003 PNX078_O006NA In a parallel universe, the Vitality is set to assist a Thelvon authority track down a trans-dimensional fugitive by installing a Quantum drive aboard the ship. [1]
Spin-off 6B 2003 PNX078_O006NB Captain Chain and Engelina discuss traveling between universes. [2]
Spin-off 6C 2003 PNX078_O006NC The Vitality makes a jump into the a universe and attempt to apprehend the fugitive on a Thelvon pod, but he escapes. [3]
Spin-off 6D 2003 PNX078_O006ND In the next universe, the Vitality encounters a group of Trump creatures. [4]
Spin-off 6E Feb 10 2015 PNX078_O006NE The crew of the Vitality find themselves in a Dominion-dominated universe and lose their ship to the Jem'Hadar battle cruiser Korisnor. [5]

Background information[edit | edit source]

  • The fanfic started off in forums until being backed up on a webpage.

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