Parrises squares is vigorous sport popular with teens in the 24th century, much to the concern of parents.

Equipment for the game included padded uniforms and ion mallets. Ramps were also a part of the game, and players would often fall, resulting in many injuries. (TNG: "Future Imperfect")

Parrises squares was also popular among members of Starfleet, much to the frustration of their chief medical officers. William Riker, Tasha Yar, Worf, Harry Kim and Kathryn Janeway all played the game. (TNG: "11001001"; VOY: "Tsunkatse"; VOY novel: Mosaic)

Other players included Mary Barranco, Ben Bartholomew, Nyota Dryer, Gleicy Ruiz, Jack Long, Michael Owens, and Timothy Sinclair. (Star Trek: Pendragon, Star Trek: Sutherland, Star Trek: Prometheus; Starship Independence; The Star Eagle Adventures)

The sport was a popular event during the Olympics, and there was also a Federation-wide professional league. The Tycho City Titans were a popular parrises squares team, and rivals of the neighboring New Berlin Barons. The two teams were members of the Luna Conference. Ben Bartholomew often took his godsons, Jeff and Tyler Sinclair to see them play. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "More to This Life", "Sometimes It Comes In the Clouds")

Kilenbik was the Parrises squares champion aboard the USS Gallifrey and later, the USS Skyfall. (Star Trek: Sons of Liberty: "For I Dipt Into the Future...")

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