Peter Bradford was a Starfleet Intelligence agent in the 24th century. He has had some contact with the crew of USS Pioneer since 2381, namely Captain Benjamin Kelsoe and Commander Robert Tuff. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Commander Bradford first met Captain Kelsoe and Commander Tuff on Earth on May 3, 2381, after the attempted assassination of President Korvin Mot, when they were interrogating the leader of the So'jan assassins. ("In Custody")

He showed up on Deep Space 5 on January 15, 2382, when the Boolran vessel began appearing the Starfleet ships in the Oralian sector. He got himself stated with the crew when they went on their covert mission to the Boolran homeworld; where he betrayed them and was subsequently captured by the Boolran, and then was later captured by Tyson Calok and taken to Ka'al as a prison and "test subject" for one of Calok's bizarre schemes. ("The Boolran Eye, Part 1", "The Boolran Eye, Part 2", "The Boolran Eye, Part 3")

In late 2382, with the help of the rogue Tealuian Xojo Manjala, Bradford escaped from Ka'al and rendezvous with the USS Pioneer after the Battle of Minark. ("Torment and Woe", "Dawn")

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