Colonel Phillip Green was the Human British leader of the Optimum Movement during World War Three and later continued his eco-terrorist activities by entering into an arrangement with the remnant of the Borg Collective. (TOS novel: Federation (novel); Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

History[edit | edit source]

Pre-war[edit | edit source]

During his teenage years, in 2007, Green became involved with the Optimum Movement and was employed at one stage as a security guard outside the movement's covert Plymouth bunker in the United Kingdom. It was sometime in December 2008 that Green first met Captain Lewis, a Starfleet officer from the future, who was investigating the the nuclear threat that the movement represented on behalf of the Home Guard, Optimum's arch-enemy in the UK.

Teenage Green in Plymouth

World War Three[edit | edit source]

In the years following this, Green advanced in rank and position in the Optimum Movement, becoming its leader by the early 2020s. Known for his motto: "Overwhelm and devastate", Green was notorious for striking at his enemies during treaty negotiations. During the Third World War, Green led his faction of violent ecoterrorists whose actions led to the death of some 37 million people through the nuclear bombing of several countries. Barely two years after a cease-fire had ended the war, he ordered the euthanasia of hundreds of thousands of radiation sickened Humans in Great Britain so they wouldn't pass on mutations to future generations. Green outlined his rationale by speaking to a crowd about how they must "reject the impure and cast it out". Ironically, Green himself had not been left untouched by his involvement and his insistence on personally leading many of the attacks during the war caused him to be affected by nuclear radiation himself: Green lost much of his natural hair.

By 2028, Green's Optimum Group had taken control of south and south-west Great Britain, moving survivors of the nuclear attack and subsequent purge to special camps, essentially leaving the streets empty, save for contamination-suited military patrols. A small resistance group had built up, however, and ran raids against Optimum installations, with assistance from American and allied forces.

During the raid by Captain Lewis on the Optimum bunker to recover Jimb'a, following their attempt to stop the launch of even more nuclear weapons by the movement, Green was injured and shot in the head by Jimb'a and presumed dead.

Return to power[edit | edit source]

An older Green on Delta Vega (note eye patch)

Despite being shot at point blank range in his right eye, Green had obviously mutated enough himself that he could survive, and was able to recover in time.

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