Photomanipulation is the technique of modifying a photographic image by either analog or digital means. In recent years, the term "play-by" to denote an actor used in such a photomanipulation to represent a character has risen to to prominence among the online RPG community.

In Star Trek fandom, photomanipulation is often employed by various fan fiction authors to give their series/stories a greater sense of "reality."

Often, headshots of actors who have never appeared in Star Trek are placed on bodies and backgrounds in screen captures from Star Trek productions. Pierce Brosnan and Sean Connery are two of the more popular actors to appear in such images.

Other productions make use of people who were close to their creators, like Star Trek: The Stoneship Files.

Fan series that use photomanipulation[edit | edit source]

Actors popular in photomanipulation[edit | edit source]

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