The Pinastri system (also referred to as Sector001) was a star system in the Delta Quadrant containing eight planets. The system was the location of the first United Federation of Planets colony in the Delta Quadrant, which was set up by the United Federation Starfleet. (United Federation Starfleet)

The system is located on the southern edge of the Nekrit Expanse some 63,000 light years from Earth. It holds a strategic location close to a number of political powers in the region as well as near the ruins of the Borg Unicomplex.

Planets[edit | edit source]

  • Pinastri (primary)
    • Pinastri I
    • Pinastri II
    • Pinastri III
    • Pinastri IV (Pinastri Prime)
      • Cazalet (Moon)
    • Pinastri V
    • Pinastri VI
    • Pinastri VII
      • Schell (Moon)
      • Uralia (Moon)
    • Pinastri VIII
      • Gene (Moon)
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