The Pinchot Expanse, aka the Pinch, is a region of space in the Alpha Quadrant, between the First Federation and the Ferengi Alliance, located past the edge of Federation territory approximately two light years beyond Deep Space 3. The expanse was named for Starfleet Captain Marcus Pinchot, one of the earliest explorers of the area. However, the expanse is plagued by "mysterious disappearances, strange occurrences, and general odd happenings," and as such, has never been fully charted. Captain Pinchot was reported to have said that in the expanse, "Newton hit an apple on the head." (Star Trek: Outpost)

There are hundreds of stories about the expanse, involving missing starships, missing crews, temporal anomalies, spatial anomalies, and a host of other scientific esoterica.

In 2364, Captain Sayzar Tyrellian disappeared from his cabin aboard the USS Chimera while the vessel was traveling at warp two through the Pinch. (Star Trek: Outpost: "What Could Be So Bad?")

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