A plasma torpedo was a weapon consisting of a torpedo armed with a charge of plasma, generally used as a shipboard weapon. Klingons, Gorns, Romulans and Cardassians used these weapons.

Star Fleet Battles[edit | edit source]

The Bismark subclass of the Excelsior-class carried F-type torpedoes.

In the TOS game Starfleet Command, Excelsior class starships were never referred to by name, despite having Excelsior hulls.

In that same continuity, plasma torpedo launchers were ranked by the sizes of the largest casings these launchers could fire. Type-R plasma torpedo launchers were the largest and were first fielded by the Romulans. Type-S casings were somewhat smaller and had less range than Type-R casings. Type-G torpedoes were first fielded by the Gorns. Finally, Type-F were the smallest casings available.

"Star trek Fanon History"[edit | edit source]

In One Possible Timeline The United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire used Photonic Plasma Torpedoes alongside Photon torpedo Weaponry since 2275 and were Phased out by 2364.

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