Plutark was a Romulan Star Navy starship commander for the Romulan Star Empire in the late 24th century. He was critically antagonistic toward the crew of USS Phoenix-X and was driven to plot against the Federation and eventually the Romulan Star Empire. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


Some years before the 2370s, Plutark planted his son, Ludeki, on Earth as a secret plot to have a man on the inside to use for his own devices. ("New Beginnings")

In 2375, Plutark's ship intercepted plans for secret torpedo technology and used the schematics as an opportunity to befriend long-time enemy, Cardassian, Gul Meloneus by sharing them with him. The two plotted to test out the new torpedo on the Phoenix-X, Plutark gathering his own fleet near a star, but the crew of the Phoenix-X discovered them first and fired their own torpedo of the same schematics. Unfortunately, the torpedo interacted with the nearby star in an unusual way and the star system, including both Plutark's ship and Meloneus' ship, was destroyed. Moments before that destruction, Plutark and some of the his crew secretly beamed aboard the Phoenix-X and hid there for a week. Afterwards, Plutark escaped and spent the next seven years building his own secret fleet. ("Warfare", "New Beginnings")

In 2381, Plutark attacked the USS Dropzone and used their communications to contact the son he left on Earth. He attempted to sway Ludeki onto plans to attack the Romulan Senate, but Ludeki denied the invite and helped the Phoenix-X in stopping him. Plutark, his ship and his fleet were then captured by authorities in orbit of Romulus. ("New Beginnings")

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