Pol Tevfyah was a Bajoran Vedek and fundamentalist. He was a very influential member of the Vedek Assembly, and had powerful allies in the Chamber of Ministers.

In early 2379, Vedek Pol opposed the presence of Quark's Bar on the new Deep Space 9, and his allies passed an injunction to keep Quark from reopening. Pol held fast to his position and refused to negotiate until Grand Nagus Rom returned one of the missing Tears of the Prophets, the Orb of Memory. (Star Trek: Pendragon: "Restoration")

Later that year, Vedek Pol attempted to convert Commander Russ Twining, a Bajoran raised by humans and a Christian, to the Bajoran faith. Failing, he sought to have Twining Attained. A short time afterwards, Pol announced that he would run for Kai in the next election. (PDN: "Heritage", "In Darkness Find Me")

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