"Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence" is a Star Trek: Shadowstar Station mosaic fan-fiction story set in 2296.

The story takes place over the course of a day and focuses on the preparations for an installation ceremony for the new chief of flight test operations at Shadowstar Station. While told in the third person, the p.o.v. jumps among those of several station personnel, as well as the officers and crew of visiting Federation starships.

Background[edit | edit source]

"Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence" has never been published online and exists as a samizdat manuscript that a handful of people have read. It was originally made up from submissions by different Starfleet International Fan Association chapters, as well as independent clubs, and an attempt was made to knit together into one coherent storyline by Rahadyan Sastrowardoyo.

In order to solve the "how can ships from the 23rd and 24th centuries exist all in one place?" problem, the conceit was created that each of the participants' minds translated a consensus reality into whatever timeframe they originated from.

Some references to real-world club and parent organization politics make it difficult to publish in its current form.

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