Pothole Omnium is the fifth episode in the Star Trek: False Vacuum series, launched on July 2nd, 2015.

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Q'Naabian pirates hail the Antechrist, claiming that they hold an engineering team hostage, the design team of the Melbourne-class (a galactic survey cruiser), and that the hostages will be awarded to the winner of the Pothole Omnium (tournament), a golf tournament held in an urban course according to Q'Naabian rules. But they discover that the teams are informally organized in three factions, and that the USS Mercutio assembled the other Starfleet team. The twelve original entrants are assigned tee times, and Tortis initially outplays the rest of the Starfleet teams, while Daisy Pammant struggles at the beginning. But, as they play hole #4, a riot breaks out near the course where the tournament is played.

As the riot unfolds, Faith Kingsford reports for Starfleet News Service and Breen security guards, alongside Kessok and other races, they realize that the tournament is actually part of turf wars among pirate cartels such as the Orion Syndicate. As de facto bounty hunters, the remaining golf players collected a common bounty such that they pledged repairs to the neighborhood. Before the tournament could resume, though, the team took a practice round at Valni Narrows in the holodeck, and Daisy discovered how to play golf properly and she became a long driver of her own. They became tied for first, but not after losing a ball in the sewers and Daisy hitting her third and final shot on the 18th hole from a rooftop. The Antechrist won at the tie-breaker by scoring a better back nine.

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