"Power Levels" was the sixty-first episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the eleventh episode of the third season.


The omni'X are suddenly threatened by the Klokian, so they find Captain Cell and reinstate his omni'power. But Cell refuses to get involved due to his past experiences with the power. When the omni'X leave, Section 31 contacts the Phoenix-X and puts Seifer in charge. They order him to relieve Cell, and when he does, Cell decides to help the omni'X. Unfortunately, in his new life, Cell is marked for annihilation when Section 31 orders Seifer to kill Captain Cell at all costs.

Memorable quotesEdit

"The Captain has become... one of them."

Background informationEdit

  • For a moment, Seifer inquires on the square root of the number 61 045 281. The square root of this number was also referenced in the Season 1 episode "Guinea Pigs".
  • This episode was set up in the Season 1 episode "Fight, Part III" where the entire Klokian planet vanished to continue their omni'X hunt in another timeframe. This episode, taking place in the year 2380, was the focal point of their attacks - but it is still unknown where and what timeframe the planet itself disappeared to.
  • At the end of the episode Cell continues to have omni'X power status, as he had before the Season 2 episode "Destiny's Revenge, Part III".

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