Prelude to a Swansong is a short episode set in the year 2387 on Stardate 64467.12 and takes up after the events that appeared in the Star Trek comic series Countdown, which is also a prequel to the 2009 movie Star Trek. The episode itself appears in the Duras Sisters Alien Pub of Sin (RPG) site on September 11, 2011. It consists of the transcript between starships of Task Force 143.34.3b sent by Admiral Jeffery Higdon from Starbase 12 to assist in the evacuation of the the Biscayne Star System within the Cha'ouw Empire due to the massive supernove that had destroyed the Romulan Star System.

Lead by General Wade Hoover, aboard the USS Hellfire & Brimstone, the USS Black Hawk accompanies the Task Force under the command of Second Officer Fleet Captain Thomas Moore. It is implied that Admiral Higdon is not accompanying the Task Force or the Black Hawk.

The transcript includes orders and directions form the various starship commanders. At one point it is indicated that the shockwave has hit the outer planets of the system while the Black Hawk is still beaming up personnel and colonists from Biscayne IV (called Biscayne VI in this narrative). They completed the beam ups and attempt to warp out when communications is lost and then the automated distress signal from the Black Hawk is heard.

This leads to the next episode called "Swansong".

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