"Present, Part I" was part one of the second series of comics of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It contained six comic strips and was the second comic series of the third season.


Captain Cell examines the transwarp drive and the crew prepare for the 'fleet party'. Meanwhile, a murderous Nausicaan slips onboard.

Comic guideEdit

Within the category of 'Comics' (i.e., Comics 2A) were each individualized 'Comic' (i.e., Comic 8, Comic 9, etc.).

Comics 2A Title Posted Prod. Code Synopsis Stardate Year
Comic 8 "Transwarp" May 07 2006 PNX087_M002AA Captain Cell inspects the transwarp engine. 59816.2 2382
Comic 9 "Ensign Dan" May 20 2006 PNX087_M002AB Ensign Dan tries to report for duty. 59849.1 2382
Comic 10 "Flying" May 28 2006 PNX087_M002AC Seifer coaches Red in space flight. 59870.5 2382
Comic 11 "Klingon Exchange Program" Jul 11 2006 PNX087_M002AD Seifer bates Red on the Federation-Klingon Exchange Program. 59991.0 2382
Comic 12 "Fleet Party" Jul 15 2006 PNX087_M002AE The Phoenix-X arrives at the fleet party. 60001.6 2383
Comic 13 "The Assassin" Jul 16 2006 PNX087_M002AF The Phoenix-X beams aboard a killer Nausicaan. 60008.1 2383

Memorable quotesEdit

"They constructed a giant floor in space specifically to fit everyone of the fleet inside."

Background informationEdit

  • The episode "Halloween Special" makes a reference to the Nausicaan seen in Comic 13, The Assassin.

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