Quebec or Québec is a province of the nation of Canada on Earth.

There have been movements for the province to secede from Canada and become an independent nation. It has not been shown in either aired or published Trek if such a movement was successful.

In 2012, a major tuition crisis engulfed Quebec, with the 2012 Quebec student strike involving a sizeable chunk of college and university students that went on strike to protest against a $1,625 tuition hike over 5 years, including, but not limited to, students in Concordia University, Edouard Montpetit College, Laval University and the University of Montreal. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Rode the 300", "The Defector (TSF)")

Jean Charest was Prime minister of Quebec for nearly the entire duration of the 2012 Quebec student strike. (Star Trek: The Stoneship Files: "Chronicles of Taladu")

Black Nova Weapons Systems, a manufacturer of photon torpedoes and associated launch systems, had a facility in Quebec in the 2280s. (Reischl's Guide to Ships of the Fleet)

Arnaud and Jean-Michel Moreau were born in Quebec City, the capital of the province. (Star Trek: Remington)

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