Star Trek Expanded Universe

Quendelton State University (Lyran classification: research university) was a public Lyran university in the city of Quendelton, on Vrauzon. It was home to at least a dental school. (Star Trek: False Vacuum)

It was also equipped with a hussade pitch, where Carrie Quendelton and Anastasia Volzhin fought a duel that lasted for hours due to their inability to aim. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Asteroid Dusting")

Quendelton State's varsity teams were known as the Wildcats, and had blue-and-yellow skin-tight hussade jerseys. Its hussade stadium could hold 30,000 seats. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Thesis Dilemma")



Production notes[]

Quendelton State was first used by CollegeHumor to make fun of university advertising and described QSU as a school whose suburban campus was entirely built in a neo-penal style, and that suggested students that they were, in fact, considering the school as a punishment.