This article lists minor locations in RIS Bouteina.

These places are mentioned or shown briefly in the series and therefore do not have their own articles.

29 DamascusEdit

29 Damascus was the site of a starbase that produced drugs for the Klingon House of Korgath. ("Drug Wars")

43 LindumEdit

43 Lindum was a planet where an experiment of just eating fast food during 30 days was staged, with Turbo Pizza as their headquarters. ("Super Size Me", "Super Size Me Again")

83 Epsilon CruxEdit

83 Epsilon Crux was the site of a planet with only one city in which there was a Monopoly tournament whose prize was the fate of a batch of Lyran prisoners.


Byzatium was a Federation world who was the homeworld of the Byzatium species. ("Distress Call")


Rallitir was a system in which the HMS Sovereign was hijacked and whose crew was mass-murdered. ("Spoiled Rotten")


Romii was a planet to which Annika Hansen evacuated hundreds of thousands of Romulans during the Evacuation of Romulus. ("Relief and Refuge")


Saronia was a planet on which Vaebn Mairex and Brianna Reiss made their honeymoon, as well as sought gagh breeding techniques. ("Marriage and Honeymoon")

Valgipus IVEdit

Valgipus IV was a planet that successfully applied for Interstellar Concordium membership in 2385. ("Women's Dark Frontier")

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