Star Trek Expanded Universe

Rachel Covaks was the captain of the USS Constance starting in the year 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)

Early years and Starfleet Academy[]

Rachel was born in 2381 in Chicago, at an early age her father was killed in a battle with the Romulans. Her mother never recovered from the loss and nearly prevented her from entering Starfleet Academy as a result.

The Covaks family had served in Starfleet since the 23rd century, Rachel was simply the latest in a long line of officers. However, she was the first member of her family to reach the rank of captain.

The Morgana incident[]

In late 2408, Rachel was a lieutenant on board the USS Morgana, serving as their Chief of Security. The Morgana was called to a Romulan colony to mediate between the Romulan Empire and the colonists, who where attempting to break from the Empire. The captain took the rash action of providing the colonists with weapons in violation of the Prime Directive. When the result was an massacre on the planet, Rachel led most of the crew in a mutiny against the captain and first officer and placed most of the bridge crew into the brig before it was all over. The officers stood Court Martial and Rachel was promoted to commander, and assigned to the USS Constance as the first officer.

The attack on Vega[]

Soon after she arrived on the Constance, they where called out to the Vega Colony to help defend it from the Borg that were invading. After driving the Borg off of the USS Kithomer, Captain Nelson was killed in the attack on the Constance and Rachel became acting captain. Following the battle this was made permanent by Admiral Quinn.

The Maquis[]

Rachel seemed to have a strange kinship to the Maquis, even to the point of offering to have rescued Maquis serve on board the Constance after rescuing them from the True Way in the Badlands. As far as anyone knows, there was no connection between the Covaks family and the Maquis, so was assumed to be more out of a professional respect.

The ISS Constance[]

At the end of the mission in the Badlands, the Constance encountered its mirror universe counterpart and Rachel and her mirror self switched places under mysterious circumstances.

Ships served on[]