The Raekwon Generator was a large device (about the size of a starship's warp core) that generated a special Raekwon-type energy. This energy was responsible for the annihilation of the Nikon Empire. It was also compatible with Starfleet technology. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Afterdeath")

Downfall of the Nikon Empire[edit | edit source]

The Nikons had used Raekwon technology in their society, including a Raekwon Generator to power their cities. When two telekinetic (technology-specific) Nikon boys began playing with their new-found power, the Generator's energy was accidentally let loose. The result was a worldwide encompassing of deadly Raekwon energy that killed the entire civilization. The protective shield usually surrounding the Generator had kept the two boys safe.

USS Phoenix-X[edit | edit source]

In 2378, the crew of the Phoenix-X installed the very same Generator on to the ship. It was believed and eventually proven that energy from the Generator fed into the shields of the ship would protect the crew from outside attempts at telekinesis.

Experiment World[edit | edit source]

After making use of the Generator, the Phoenix-X uninstalled it and had it placed on an experiment world. There, officers from the Tech-Team would run tests and study the technology.

Which world and its location is unknown, and most likely classified.

In 2381, the Raekwon Generator would malfunction and cause the Rockono Galaxy-plain-of-existence to collide with our own. ("Dimensions")

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