The following is a guide on how to use Template:Superimpose to add a rank image to a page.

How to use[edit | edit source]

The template appears as follows:

|base = Yellow (TOS).png
|base_width = 144px
|float = CAPT (TOS).png
|float_width = 144px
|x = 0
|y = 0

That produces this:

The only values you need to worry about are base and float. The others need not be adjusted.

Base is the background image. Use one of the bases in the following format: "Color (Era)." For example, the base for a TOS command rank would be "Yellow (TOS)."

Float follows a similar format and is used to determine the rank displayed on the image. The ranks are listed with their abbreviations below their names. If you wish to use the silver variation of the rank, merely precede the rank abbreviation with "S-." The exception is the TNG-VOY-DS9 cadet ranks, which are already silver in canon. If you want to use the non-canon gold versions of the cadet pips, the rank should be preceded with "G-."

When applicable, provisional ranks have a "P-" preceding the rank abbreviation.

Some ranks are used for more than one background. For example, the DS9 ranks are also used for the VOY backgrounds. Thus, if you want to display a silver DS9 admiral, the float value would be "S-ADM (DS9-VOY)." If you are using a rank that has no insignia, such as TNG crewman recruit or TOS ensign, then you don't need to bother with the template and can just link directly to the base image.

Sub-pages[edit | edit source]

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