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Reana Corbell was ship's counselor on board the USS Constance starting in 2409. (Star Trek: Constance)

Early Life[]

Little is known about her early life, other than she was raised on a Federation colony world near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

At some point, she studied psychology, specializing mostly in Freudian principles. While not completely agreeing with Freud, she took some of his theories on with her to her service as a counselor.

The USS Constance[]

Reana first appeared in chapter 2 in the officer's poker game, when she took Ivark's place at the table.

She would also talk to Rachel Covaks, and would be one of the first to allude to the Morgana incident.


Reana did her best to help people, as ship's counselor she does her best to help her fellow shipmates. She also enjoyed games of chance, and was an excellent poker player.


At the beginning of Chapter 3 "The True Way," the author revealed that Reana was named for a close friend of her's that had regretfully passed away recently.