Red, son of Tre, was a Klingon Defense Force Flight controller aboard the USS Phoenix-X. He held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and was part of a Federation-Klingon Officer Exchange Program from the IKS B'Chnah. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X)


In 2364, Red served aboard the IKS Hegh'ta. ("Remnants")

Lieutenant Commander Red was a Klingon Exchange officer aboard the USS Phoenix-X. He served aboard the IKS Bochnah sometime before 2373, where the ship had encountered an enemy that almost destroyed them. When the Phoenix came to aid, a relationship was established and the Klingon Exchange of half each crew was put into place. In 2374, the half-Klingon-Starfleet crew, including Red, was transferred to the USS Phoenix-X. ("The Tiloniam System")

In 2375, Red was the target for murder by Dorwin and Kayjo in an attempt to cause a war between the Federation and Klingon Empire. ("Betrayal and Honour")

In 2377, Red found he had the ability to see on a certain level of existence. For a time he had witness an alien and an alien starship called the Xoleras that attempted to destroy the Phoenix-X. ("Ghost Face Killah")

In 2378, Red left the Phoenix-X to search for revenge against Kayjo and Dorwin and to find a cure for his sub-existence seeing ability. ("Destiny's Revenge, Part III") But sometime before 2382, Red found Kayjo was killed in a bar fight. ("Spider Agencies, Part I")

In 2382, Red's family was framed for dishonor by General Verticon who made it look like Red's cousin Helenia killed Dorwin. With the help of the Phoenix-X, they found that it was just an attempt to gain favor in the Klingon Council for the Duras family. Red cleared his name when he was able to prove that Verticon was responsible. After this, Red rejoined the Phoenix-X in his old Helm position. ("Spider Agencies, Part II")

Two years later, Red's ability to see on another level of existence, or 'interphase', was accidentally cured by Lox when the Doctor was attempting one of his inhumane experiments. ("Fantastic Method")

In 2410, Red was serving aboard the IKS Dragunov at the rank of Commander and position of First officer. To Captain Kronen's chagrin, Red would regularly take over the helm station at his own personal interest. ("In Their Footsteps")

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"Some would say, this creature has the anger of a Klingon! Not me though. I am turning a new leaf and avoiding such one-dimensional observations."
Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "These Aren't the Voyages..."


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