In "Red Sand, Dark Tide" (Star Trek: 001 episode #5) the Federation receives notice that Betazed has been taken by the Alliance. Fleet Admiral Tom Garrison, Fleet Captain Drayson Hardgrove and Captain David Major all agree that it's time to take a stand. Garrison, with newfound military control over Earth, essentially becomes the person with the most power in the whole Federation.

The USS Pollux and Federation fleet join forces with the Vulcans and Smugglers Coalition to put a stop to the Alliance at Betazed.

As battle ensues, Hardgrove and Sith make for the Orion Syndicate to get their help. When they agree to join, Hardgrove takes the Scimitar-class Vellous into the battle.

On the Pollux, both T'Kila and Captain Major are injured during battle. T'Kila becomes locked in a coma, and Major suddenly finds himself as a ghost - free to roam his ship.

Garrison confronts Starfleet Command, who in turn show him their recordings of a future where 90% of the population is dead, thanks to Garrison's rebellion. Remaining resilient, Garrison decides against relinquishing his blockade around Earth and giving into Command's plans to alter the timeline in the past.

Major discovers that he has been fooled of his condition, being played a puppet to Councilor Othoniel Rasin's friend, Eric.

Sith is captured by Alliance forces. When the USS Gambit comes to his rescue, they find they are too late, witnessing the Alliance ship with Sith in it explode.

The Alliance fleet dwindles, as the Federation fleet is joined by the Bajoran fleet as per Garrison's help. The crew of Starbase 001 and the Pollux realize there just may be hope after all. Garrison discovers that this victory is one worth celebrating... only that it doesn't really feel like a victory.

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