"Only a slave can be truly free." - Carnelian proverb

The Regnancy of the Carnelian Throne was a large, multispecies interstellar alliance in the Milky Way Galaxy, centered around the Alpha Quadrant. In the 24th century, Carnelian territory bordered the United Federation of Planets near the Alpha Persei Cluster and the planet Kirisha.

Guinan spent some time in Carnelian space during the early 2360s. Around 2363, a Caitian colony was established on Kirisha, which brought about a brief conflict between the Regnancy and the Federation due to a linguistic and philosophical misunderstanding.

The Regnancy's ideology was focused on the concept of slavery, but in a context far different from the norm. Legends told of an ancient king who united his kingdom through great amounts of bloodshed, so much so that when the fighting was over, he wept tears as his throne was covered with innocent blood he'd spilled, turning it carnelian in color. From that time forward, the king of the Carnelian Throne dedicated his life to justice and peace for all his subjects. However, later kings did not follow in his footsteps, and ruled as tyrants. Eventually their slaves, who wielded the true power in running the civilization, revolted and established a democratic government that revered the legends of the Carnelian Throne and kept them at the forefront of their society, pursuing "slavery" to its ideals. (TNG novel: The Buried Age)

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