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Rene Michael was the commander of the Starfleet base on the planet Gemna Kolaris. Before he commanded the base, he was a captain who fought against the Andromedans during the Andromedan invasion. During the invasion, his ship and some other ships were told to protect a solar system, but they failed. Rene went to Starfleet to take revenge on the murder of one of his friends during the general war. His father helped him to apply at Starfleet Academy. Because of his study at Starfleet Academy, he postponed the wedding to his girlfriend. Later, the relationship ended and she started to plot intrigues against Rene. During his time on the planet Gemna Kolaris, he met his later wife Isabell I.. Rene was also in a tae kwon do voluntary association, but he left it after the death of some other members and trained alone with his senzai Zarathustra. During his youth, he fought against some thieves in his hometown.

Memorable Quotes[edit | edit source]

"Lying rulers who state to work for the people. Sounds like politicians."
— Rene to Atropos after he explained the legends of the Warusiheikajin to him in the last Episode of Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Beginning of Infinity.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rene is also a deeply religious Christ.
  • After his training , Zarathustra gave him an old relic of Huáng Dì.
  • He has got a villa on the planet Daum 5.
  • Because of his low size, he is sometimes called "the small man" by his crewmates. In German, "the small man" is a term which means "ordinary guy who is not very powerful".
  • Rene had many disciplinary problems at the beginning of his Starfleet career.
  • According to Dragon Ball Z vs. Star Trek: The Way of Infinity, Rene is a small middle class citizen.

Background[edit | edit source]

  • Rene Michael is partly based on the character Hwoarang from the Tekken series of fighting games, Paul Baeumer from the novel All Quiet on the Western Front and on Bes Jordan from Space Runaway Ideon.
  • SSJKamui created the first draft of the character together with some of his classmates for a previous fan fiction project.
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