In Restoration (Star Trek: 001 episode #7), the Pollux and Gambit continue to be faced with 24 Alliance ships. Tanik speaks to Halliwell, admitting that he had known the opposing Romulan commander during their time together in the Tal Shiar.

Meanwhile, Captain Drayson Hardgrove calls on a strike force from an orbiting Orion Syndicate ship, the Vellous, to break him, Ambassador Michael Larkin and Major Lietra out of confinement.

On Valecorn city, Sith discovers that Julia has been a fallen Prophet all along. He decides he needs time away from her and escapes, only to end up in a fight with some Alliance bullies. After the fight he searches for her, but doesn't find her. He decides to continue on his mission to sabotage the outpost in orbit.

The cloaked Tyr makes it to the suspected planet, where Hardgrove and Larkin are confined, but run into the Vellous.

Back on Starbase 001, Ullii attempts to kill Thomas Garrison but is unsuccessful when she is beamed away onto a cloaked Romulan ship. There, she is reunited with her estranged father, who explains he is working with the Tal Shiar and Section 31 against the Alliance. He also tells her that James has been controlling her and that she has to kill Captain Maxwell Sumit of the Enterprise in order to save the time-line.

Meanwhile, Garrison, Clark and Karelia continue to follow clues to Ullii's disappearance. Back with the Gambit and Pollux, Captain Jennifer Hurst decides to unload her warp core from the Gambit and claim that there were problems during Transwarp that had caused it to malfunction - thus forcing the two ships to stay where they are.

On Kintoka outpost, Sith is confronted with the a figurehead of the Alliance, a fallen Pah'Wraith in physical form. It turns out the Wraith had captured Julia. But Julia then disappears with the help of the Prophets, and Sith is forced to escape the clutches of the Wraith. He quickly sabotages the station and escapes.

Aboard the Gambit, a Romulan boarding party is met with Starfleet resistance. Tanik contacts, Jarek, the Romulan commander and confronts him about the situation - but Jarek instead informs Tanik that his wife, who was on Romulus, is now dead.

On Starbase 001, Ullii confronts both Garrison and Sumit - unable to decide whom she has to murder. With a difficult conclusion, she decides that no one should die and turns on James and the Tal'Shiar.

With help from the Vellous Sith escapes Kintoka outpost before it explodes. Both the Vellous and the Tyr head back to find the Pollux and the Gambit in their dire situation. It is there that both Halliwell and Hurst are successful in taking out the boarding party. Hardgrove then decides to beam all the Vellous crew onto the Federation starships and blow the ship between the fleet of the Alliance ships.

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