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Rigel X is the tenth planet of the Rigel system (or Beta Rigel system). A frozen, inhospitable world, it is nonetheless the location of a colony and trading post and is a member of the United Rigel Colonies. Enterprise (NX-01) visited the planet in 2151 and 2161. (ENT: "Broken Bow", "These Are the Voyages...", Star Trek: Star Charts)

After running away from foster care in 2349, fifteen year-old Drake Mallory lived on the streets of Rigel X, until he met Paul Blaisdell. Many years later, he would return there as a private investigator. (Kal-Dixas Spaceport)

As an infant, Ciaran Shean was treated for Early-Onset Psionic Disorder on Rigel X. Christopher Parks was born in Rigel X in 2360. (Star Trek: A Call to Duty, Star Trek: Pendragon)

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