Star Trek Expanded Universe

In the 24th century, Captain Erick Minard of the starship Constar reviews a hidden piece of history from Federation history: the time when the Klingons and the Federation almost went to war... concerning tribbles.



  • Directed by Kent Edwards
  • Produced by Joseph Bonice & Vance Major
  • Screenplay and Story by Vance Major & Adam Mullen
  • Edited by Trey Narr
  • Original Music by Adam Mullen
  • Lighting by Scott Johnson
  • CGI by Joey Bonice
  • Uniforms by Chrissie Harvey
  • Prop Master Gary Davis, Martin Bennett and Adam Mullen
  • Special thank you to Michael L King

Production notes[]

  • Yaffah is playing Lexington CMO Dawn Mathias in this short film. Krystal Willis is reprising her character's role from Starship Valiant.
  • The short is a crossover with Lexington in the 23rd century and Constar in the 24th century.
  • In the film, a refitted USS Valiant is seen in the shot where an Odysseus-class ship is being built.

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