In Rising Empire (Star Trek: Shattered Universe episode #1) Commander Aeon sneaks aboard the alien space station Pelios and steals a Lokirrim starship to make his own. He returns to the Terran Empire at Terok Nor, and demands command and a position within the fleet. Since times are tough and a new empire is rising, he is given a command and a crew.

Naming his ship the ISS Descent, the now Captain Aeon heads out for his first mission - to escort the Hathaway (already being escorted by the Bozeman) to Bajor, where the Empress on board will be given her power of state. Unfortunately, before the Descent can get there, a super-ship (one given power by the Ion Storm), called the Kraxon, attempts to destroy them. The Descent arrives in time to distract the Kraxon and send an Away Team on board it.

As the team works to destroy the Kraxon, Aeon and his crew on the Descent are suddenly forced to fight off a fleet of incoming Cardassian ships. While this goes on, Aeon is visited by the beings who live within the Ion Storm. They call themselves the Pah'Wraith, and have been giving power to mortal ships in hopes of making one species an ultimate power in the Quadrant. Now with Aeon fighting, they decide to place their bets from the Alliance to the Terran Empire.

The Descent is given power and the Away Team is able to destroy the Kraxon. With the fleet retreating from the Descent, Aeon reunites with his crew and they all make to Bajor for the Emperor signing--but a final assassination attempt by the leader of the Kraxon, Chekov, fails when Aeon catches on to his actions. Chekov is blown out into space, and the Alliance is notified of his death. On Bajor, the new Empress is named the leader of the Terrans.

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