Robert Tuff was the tactical officer of the USS Pioneer from 2378 to 2381. He has been the executive officer aboard the USS Pioneer since 2381. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

Early yearsEdit

Robert Tuff, Jr. was born in Manchester, Great Britain, Earth to General Robert Tuff, Sr. and Marie Tuff. As a child in England, he played with his brothers, Jonathan and Matthew, and sister, Antonietta, in the countryside at his family’s county estate.

Academy years (2357-2361)Edit

Tuff followed his father's footsteps and studied combat strategy and theory. He graduated from Starfleet Academy with high honors.

Early careerEdit

He first served aboard Earth Spacedock as a transporter operator. After two years of that numb minding work, Tuff was promoted to Lieutenant and served aboard the USS Russell, where he worked as Tactical Officer. He served aboard the USS Russell for six years, and when he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, he was reassigned to Starfleet Command, where he served as assistant to the Commander of Starfleet Intelligence. Tuff and Captain Benjamin Kelsoe actually met one another while working at Starfleet Command, but neither remember it that well.

Later careerEdit

Tuff served at Starfleet Intelligence for seven years until he was promoted to Commander and was selected to be the executive officer of the USS Clark. After an attack by the So'ja Rebellion, the USS Clark was damaged beyond repair and the majority of the crew, including her captain, were killed. Tuff was the only former member of the USS Clark crew still in the Oralian sector, since he accepted the position of tactical officer aboard the USS Pioneer under the command of Captain Benjamin Kelsoe. On stardate 58693.07, he accepted the position of executive officer aboard the USS Pioneer upon the unexpected retirement of former executive officer, Commander Connor Burt. ("The So'ja Incident", "Everything Changes")

Starfleet service recordEdit


Federation Citation of Honor, Star Cross, Decoration of Gallantry, Legion of Honor, Medal of Valor, Extended Service Citation, Silver Palm, Dominion War Service Medal, 16 Commendations.

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