Ruanek was a Romulan officer, defector and linguist. He was a friend of Spock, and a staunch ally in his quest for reunification between Vulcan and Romulus. (ST novels: Vulcan's Forge; Vulcan's Heart; Vulcan's Soul: Exodus, Exiles, Epiphany)

History[edit | edit source]

Born on Romulus in the 2260s, Ruanek came from House Minor Strevon, a minor noble family. By the 2290s, he held the rank of Centurion in the Romulan Imperial Fleet and served aboard the IRW Adamant under Commander Avrak. In 2294, Ruanek was part of a mission to the Federation protectorate world Obsidian, where he met Captain Spock and Doctor Leonard McCoy. He secretly helped the Starfleet officers escape from Avrak's guards and the deranged Vulcan Sered. (TOS novels: Vulcan's Forge; Vulcan's Soul: Epiphany)

Ruanek maintained sporadic contact with Spock over the next five decades. In 2344, he was instrumental in the downfall of Praetor Dralath. Promoted to Commander by Charvanek, Ruanek then aided Ambassador Spock and Commander Saavik escaping from Romulus, knowing that it meant exile for himself. (ST novel: Vulcan's Heart)

He made a life for himself on Vulcan as a "cousin" of Spock and member of Sarek's house. Ruanek married the healer T'Selis, and became a teacher of linguistics and martial arts. He eventually held the title of Research Fellow at the Vulcan Science Academy. (ST novels: Vulcan's Soul: Exodus, Epiphany)

Ruanek briefly returned to Romulus in 2374, and helped Ambassador Spock investigate the assassination of Emperor Shiarkiek. Once the truth was discovered, Ruanek killed Archpriest N'Gathan in a duel at the Firefalls of Gal Gath'thong, avenging the Emperor's murder. (ST short story: "Blood Sacrifice")

In 2377, Ruanek was heavily involved in the Watraii crisis. He joined Spock, Saavik and Commander Data on a covert mission to recover Admiral Pavel Chekov and the coronet from the Watraii homeworld, and later revealed himself to Commander Tomalak, claiming the Right of Statement to buy time for Spock to reach a diplomatic solution. He returned to Vulcan (ST novels: Vulcan's Soul: Exodus, Exiles, Epiphany)

Ruanek and T'Selis had at least one daughter, T'Savia, who was attending Starfleet Academy in the mid-2370s. (ST novel: Vulcan's Soul: Epiphany)

Fan continuities[edit | edit source]

Star Trek: Pendragon[edit | edit source]

Ruanek met Timothy Sinclair in the mid-2370s, while the latter was researching the connections between Vulcanoid species. He helped Sinclair translate several ancient Vulcan texts related to the mythical Vhorani.

In 2385, Ruanek and T'Selis were members of a research team on Mintaka III, where he found remarkable commonalities between the Mintakan language and ancient Vulcan dialects. (PDN: "Another Time, Another Place", "Starkindler")

Though it was "out of fashion" in the 24th century, Ruanek occasionally used his traditional Rihannsu name, Ruanek i-Dartha tr'Strevon. (PDN: "Still Called Today")

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