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Lieutenant Rudy Cambless was the Chief Engineer onboard the starship Repulse. (

History[edit | edit source]

Rudy J. Cambless was born in the windy city of Chicago, Illinois. As a child Rudy was all ways off on his own, just exploring the city on his terms. Rudy would go to the Museum of History and Tech. In school, Rudy didn't care for all the classes, but math class he had to care because his mother was the teacher. His shop teach Mr. Eagleton saw some thing special in Rudy. He was amused how fast Rudy took to engineering. Through out high school Mr. Eagleton taught all he knew to Rudy and he still wanted more.

Rudy wanted to go to Star Fleet but was rejected do to poor scores in English and Biology. But then after a few days he got a message from Star Fleet saying that do to his abilities in engineering that he was going to Star Fleet. (When Mr. Eagleton heard that Rudy didn't get into Star Fleet. He had a few friends there and pulled some strings for this young lad.)

Service Record[edit | edit source]

  • 2364 - assigned to the USS Chekov NCC-57302 as Ensign Engineering/Operations
  • 2366 - partakes in the battle of Wolf 359 - the USS Chekov was lost during battle
  • 2368 - assigned as Engineering Technician/Damage Control Specialist to Star Base 289
  • 2369 - request to be returned to active Duty to a starship.
  • 2369 - assigned to the USS Longshaw (Saber-class) as Assistant Chief Engineer/Operations
  • 2375 - USS Longshaw was in the Invasion Fleet going to Cardassia. Longshaw was taken back to DS9 for repairs but was too badly damaged and was decommissioned
  • 2376 - returns to Earth to teach in the Academy
  • 2383 - assigned to the USS Relentless as Chief Engineer

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