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For Rune Sith in the 28th century, see Rune Sith (Lieutenant commander).

Rune Sith was a bounty hunter in the late 24th century. He stole the Ferengi marauder Jade Fox and used it for space travel to chase down "bounty-heads" throughout the Alpha Quadrant. (Star Trek: Starbase 001)


Rune Sith was born and raised on Benecia Colony, a place where solitude, quiet, and being at peace with nature were some of their ways of life. Growing up, Sith was a student of the colony's main temple, in which he had many different teachers. There he learned varying styles of martial arts. Upon graduation from the temple in his early 20s, Sith met a girl who's starship had crash-landed near the colony.

When it had dawned on Sith that the crash was due to a Quadrant-sized war that suddenly broke out between the Dominion and the Federation, Sith decided against previous inclinations to join Starfleet. Instead, he had fallen for the girl, Julia, and went back with her to her people in the Orion Syndicate. After several years of helping the Syndicate, Rune Sith began to dislike their methods, convincing Julia to leave with him.

But on the night Sith was to escape the Syndicate, he was told that Julia's new intentions were found out and that she was killed immediately. Sith escaped, but not without causing major damage in his wake, and decided not to live in such evil ways anymore.

Since then, Sith has been living as a Bounty Hunter in his small ship with his single crew, a small android spider named Zeta.


  • 2361-2373: Educated at Benecia Temple
  • 2373-2378: Served with the Orion Syndicate
  • 2378: Lived as a Bounty Hunter

Personality profile[]

Sith went on with his life, hating the Syndicate for what it was and what they did to Julia. But, despite that, Sith was smart enough not to replicate the Syndicate's evil nature. His senses were sharp and he was usually relaxed at the same time, always trying to get through life and find his place in it as well.

Background information[]