S'Tal was a Vulcan operations officer aboard the USS Excelsior. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier)

Lieutenant Commander S'Tal shared a close friendship with Lieutenant Andrew Barrett.

S'Tal was promoted to Lieutenant, junior grade in 2383.

Andrew Barrett had developed romantic feelings for S'Tal ("Addictions"), who initially rebuffed his advances. She later admitted that he was a friend ("Imminent Danger"), then finally started a relationship with him. ("Homeport") After Barrett's loss in action while on a mission to recover a tetrahedron key on the Orion homeworld ("Vigil"), S'Tal went into what (for Vulcans) would be mourning, though she described it as simply "waiting" for his return. Due to the mental bond Vulcans form with their partners, S'Tal occasionally suffered disturbing nightmares during Barrett's incarceration, and was one of the only people to believe he was still alive. When he did return, she could sense he was not himself; but her warnings were too late. As Excelsior went into battle, she did not report for duty, instead maintaining a bedside vigil while Barrett recovered from the surgery removing him from Siroc's control. Once he returned to duty, she did also by returning to Ops during the final battle with the Grey hybrid.

By the time of Corey Aster's marriage to Ro Nevin, S'Tal had been promoted to Lt. Commander, and permanently assigned as Chief Operations Officer.

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Production notes[edit | edit source]

S'Tal's character was originally planned as a recurring role for Ensign Sytac, a security officer aboard the USS Independence ("Heroes"). The actress who portrayed Sytac was no longer available, so the character was renamed S'Tal – as a result of a vote by participants in Hidden Frontier’s weekly online production chat – and recast with Julia Morizawa taking on the role. Morizawa would later go on to play Maya Stadi in Star Trek: Odyssey.

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