Star Trek Expanded Universe

S'arah (formerly known as the Rakelli redshirt) was a security guard posted on the RIS Bouteina in the late 24th century. (RIS Bouteina)


She was once expelled from a police academy on Rakellus, posing as a male Rakelli tailor in order to introduce herself in the Bouteina. She continued on her ruse, allowing her to make several sets of clothing for patrons like Pfrizzek and Lyran count Fikrohn, as well as Annika Hansen and Catherine Giltia. She seemed to be a rather talented tailor for herself. (RIS Bouteina various)

She was promoted to erei'erein before she could judge their end of the Imperial Science Fair Tournament. In science fairs, she was fond of every project related to clothing, due to her Rakelli upbringing. ("A Tale of Two Holodecks")

Her relationships with her various EMHs was considered to be maniacal. She once made an EMH after a well-known Rakelli fashion model, Marina Mur'Eq, and used her athletic background to her own advantage in a hussade game when she was captured by the Tzenkethi and then given over to the Kzintis. When Marina was stolen from her by agents of the Interstellar Concordium, she decided to make another EMH with Manolo Blahnik shoes. ("Hussade Contract", "Redshirt Computer")

Production notes[]

S'arah appeared very masculine for most of the series even when faced with Terenar's love. She was also introduced, as well as the entire Rakelli race, in RIS Bouteina, to treat the issues of fashion, as well as being him/herself vs. faking. She took care of her EMH as though it was a fashion object she cherished and she introduced a variety of fashion notions to the series.