Star Trek Expanded Universe

Sabrina Marisol Moyet was a Starfleet line officer active in the 23rd century.

Moyet was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2249. She had three sisters: Josephine "Josie" Greta Moyet (b. 2251); Elisabeth "Betty" Clark Moyet (b. 2252); and Veronica Eleanor Moyet (b. 2255), all of whom followed her into Starfleet service.

Moyet entered Starfleet Academy in 2266. In the 2280s, she was first officer on the Gagarin-class science vessel USS Tereshkova, under Captain Corinne Morgenthau. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station: "Rescue the Perishing")

In 2290, Moyet took command of the Abbé-class destroyer USS Diponegoro on its maiden voyage and was its commanding officer for two five-year missions.

Larisa el-Ibrahim transferred from USS Avenger to become Moyet's first officer on Diponegoro in 2292. (Star Trek: Avenger: "Tales of the Kobayashi Maru: Rahadyan's Story")

Moyet was promoted to fleet captain in 2300.

Background information[]

Moyet was named for the character played by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina (1954) — as well for the teenaged witch from Archie Comics (note the names of her younger sisters) — the actress Marisol Nichols and the singer-songwriter Alison Moyet.