The Sadat-class light cruiser was a class of starship in United Federation of Planets Starfleet service in the late 22nd and early 23rd centuries. (Star Trek: Shadowstar Station Files: Sadat-Class Light Cruiser)

A precursor in many respects to the Constellation-class cruisers of 75 years later, the Sadats had four PB-22A warp nacelles (two port, two starboard) on support pylons from an extended primary hull. Officers and crew numbered 175. While standard and maximum warp speeds were lower than that of many capital ships of the period, the Sadats were more maneuverable.

The Federation Military Staff Committee authorized the construction of six Sadat hulls in FY 2195, though only five were eventually built: Sadat and Accord, commissioned in 2199; Abdullah and Shinseki in 2200; and Begin in 2202.

Accord, part of Task Force Betawi in 2231, battled Klingon forces in defense of New Ruritania. She sustained heavy damages and was destroyed by a warp core breach. (Star Trek: Accord: "The USS Accord Fictional Timeline, v 3.0")

Begin and Abdullah were among the assets of Confrontation Group Aleph -- led by Captain Ismail Supriyanto aboard USS Arcturus -- during the Battle of Donatu V in 2243.

USS Abdullah, as of 2312, is part of the inventory at the Starfleet Museum.

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