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Sam Lavelle was a human Starfleet officer in the 24th century. As an ensign in 2370, he was assigned to the USS Enterprise-D as a conn officer. Lavelle shared quarters with Taurik, and was close friends with Sito Jaxa, Alyssa Ogawa, Andrew Powell and Ben, a waiter in Ten Forward. After Sito's loss on a classified mission, Lavelle was promoted to lieutenant junior grade. (TNG: "Lower Decks")

He was born in Tycho City, Luna in 2342, the son of son of Rebecca and Irving Lavelle. (PC game: Starship Creator)

Alternate timelinesEdit

In the anti-time alternate future experienced by Jean-Luc Picard, by 2395, Lavelle was a captain, and had commanded the Enterprise-D for many years. He retired the same day that Picard contacted Admiral Riker for assistance in reaching the Neutral Zone, leaving with his wife Korina to lead a research colony at Beta Retimnion. Despite a rocky start in 2370, Lavelle had maintained a friendship with Will Riker for years. (TNG novelization: All Good Things...)

Star Trek: ArtemisEdit

Lavelle served with distinction for years, finally being promoted to Commander in 2383. Once promoted, he was re-assigned to the USS Vindicator as the Executive Officer. In 2385, the Vindicator received a new Commanding Officer, Captain Worf. In early 2386, Sam was transferred to the USS Tombstone as the Executive Officer serving under Rear Admiral Jeffrey Watters. (Star Trek: Artemis)

Star Trek: PendragonEdit

Samuel Lavelle continued to serve in Starfleet throughout the 2370s. He was initially a supporter of Admiral Leyton during the Federation Civil War, but after he realized what was really happening, he "defected" to the "patriot" side. After the "liberation" of the USS Enterprise-E from Sector 001, he joined her crew, serving in a number of positions, including conn, ops and as a security officer. He remained close friends with Taurik, and also formed friendships with Neal Hawk, Miranda Kadohata, Kell Perim and Padraig Daniels.

In 2380, Lavelle was promoted to Commander when Captain Riker requested his assignment as first officer aboard the USS Titan. Shortly thereafter, he began a shipboard romance with Korina, a civilian in the sciences department.

Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Catacombs of Oralius universeEdit

In an alternate universe where Cardassian and Bajoran roles were reversed, Ensign Lavelle served in 2370 on his universe's version of the Enterprise, where his best friend was Cardassian ensign Hirhul Mendral. The two became so close that they were like brothers, and it is unknown whether this version of Lavelle ever became close to his universe's versions of Taurik, Ogawa, or Ben.

Lavelle and Mendral shared a close enough friendship that they attended each other's religious services despite differences in belief and even the climates of their respective holographic worship environments. That said, in many ways Lavelle found Mendral's mindset much easier to understand than that of many of his own people who lacked belief in a higher power, and felt at times that he gained insights into his own relationship with God by observing Mendral's reactions. (Star Trek: Sigils and Unions Catacombs of Oralius--"Captives' Ransom")


In an issue of the Star Trek: Unlimited comic book, "Heart of Darkness", Lavelle was a full lieutenant, serving as security chief aboard the USS Enterprise-E in 2373 during the Telepathy War crisis, a short time before the events of Star Trek: First Contact. This apparently contradicts with many other sources which suggest that Daniels was already security chief aboard the E-E as of 2372.

This may not necessarily indicate a contradiction, however, as Daniels was shown to take a extended paternity leave in 2374 and something similar may have occurred in mid-2373, leaving Lavelle as temporary chief of security.

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