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Samuel "Sam" Anderson, M.D. was a Starfleet medical officer, specializing in genetic research, on active duty in the late 23rd century. (Starship Tristan)

Dr. Anderson was a younger brother of Commander Skep Anderson, the chief medical officer of the USS Tristan. While Skep was assigned to Tristan, Sam lived in Skep's apartment across from Starfleet Medical.

In 2299, Sam claimed to have discovered some lost papers of Noonien Soong's in an archive, and had been using them as the basis for genetic research for many years. (Starship Tristan: "Moving Day")

After their father David died later that year, he left a stethoscope that had been in the family for 300 years to Skep. (Starship Tristan: "Relics and Regrets")

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