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The San Francisco Fleet Yards were a United Federation of Planets facility active in the Sol system, on and in orbit of Earth, during at least the 23rd century.

The Yards had both groundbased and orbital components. Previously submerged land surrounding what was then the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard was raised by the earthquake of 2004. This land would later be used for the Yards, which are 18.8 km south-southeast of Starfleet Academy. (Star Fleet Assembly Manual 1)

USS Enterprise had structural components assembled at the groundbased component of the San Francisco Fleet Yards but the assembled ship was launched from the orbital facility in 2245. (TAS novel: Star Trek Log Seven)

From 2275-77, USS Avenger underwent refit from the Surya- to the Avenger class configuration at San Francisco Fleet Yards. (Star Trek: Avenger: Avenger-Class Heavy Frigate General Deck Plans)

The USS Ross was launched from San Francisco Fleet Yards in 2381. (Clear Skies: "The Stage Is Set")

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