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Sanctuary is a space station in the Between the Stars universe. Beginning in 2376, it follows the exploits of the crew on the Cardassian space station Empok Nor, now renamed Sanctuary.  


Restoring and reactivating Empok Nor was the primary objective of the Trivas System Revitalization Project, a campaign instituted by newly-elected Prime Councilor Natima Lang in 2376, as a means of restoring commerce and prosperity in that area of the Union. Because the Cardassian fleet had taken such a hard blow at the end of the Dominion War, she turned to the Federation for help for this project and a number of others, not really expecting that they would agree to her terms (no attempts to occupy Cardassian space or force government on the Cardassian people among them).  

When the Federation did agree, a fleet of sixteen starships was haphazardly formed to carry out their part. This included partnering Starfleet and Cardassian officers to repair and run the station while the fleet carried aid supplies to the planets in greatest need of help. An offhand comment on the part of Captain Synnove Natale, assigned by Vice-Admiral Tattok to command the station, led to the facility being re-designated Sanctuary. Tensions were naturally high between the Starfleet and Cardassian crews, but there was pressure on both sides to make the project a success. Once the issue of a saboteur had been dealt with, and shops began to open on the Promenade, life onboard the station took on some sense of normalcy. 

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