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"Sanctuary Lost" is the pilot episode of the fan film series Star Trek: The Helena Chronicles.


The Helena, now captained by her former first officer, Theresa Faisal, is commissioned to explore the newly revealed frontiers previously hidden by the Briar Patch. But not all is well in the wake of Naros’ destruction of the Dyson Sphere, and a surprising discovery may lead to deadly consequences.

The Odyssey has been lost in the Andromeda Galaxy. Information on the fate of the missing members of the R’Kag‘s crew is a shattered mirror of misdirection, bad information, and rumors of death. Thanks to the efforts of Commanders Jorian Zen and Robin Lefler, all is not lost. Meanwhile, something strange is brewing in the newly revealed recesses of a formerly hidden frontier, suddenly taking center stage – and it could lead to a lethal showdown with a never-before encountered lifeform.


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