Sarah April (born Sarah Poole in Star Trek: Arcadia and Star Trek: Origins) was the first chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise in 2245, and wife of Robert April.

Alternate continuities[edit | edit source]

Federation Spaceflight Chronology[edit | edit source]

Her full birth name was Sarah Ann Poole and she was born in 2193. (Federation Spaceflight Chronology, vol. 9)

Star Trek: Origins[edit | edit source]

Between 2235 and 2245, Sarah Poole is the chief medical officer and a veterinarian aboard the USS Yorktown. She chose regular medicine at first, then decided to go back to school and become a veterinarian. She got bored with her previous job, a medical clinic, and decided to try something new. Since she loves animals, it seemed a natural choice.

Poole is an attractive woman in her mid-30s, with fiery red hair and big blue/gray eyes. She is a very striking woman, who draws much attention when she enters a room. Her hair is past her shoulders, but she tends to keep it up. She doesn’t think it’s professional to wear it down when she’s on duty.

She is a longtime friend of Captain April, and they share a mutual respect and attraction for each other, but she isn’t afraid to tell him what she thinks about his decisions.

They will marry between 2235 and 2245.

In addition to being a doctor and vet, she also likes to spend much of her free time designing new medical tools and devices. She will ultimately be responsible for the medical devices that will be used on Starfleet ships for years to come. Her reasoning behind it is, “There’s always a better way...we just have to figure out what it is.”

This description is taken from the Star Trek: Origins bible. STO crew are casting some actors for their main character, so we will see photos of many characters, like Sarah Poole (April) in the next months.

Star Trek: Arcadia[edit | edit source]

Robert and Sarah April had several generations of descendants, among them Stephen April and his kin.

Since there was a Stephen April in the mirror universe, Sarah probably had a mirror universe counterpart.

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